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Did your partner enjoy the dance? Dance partners of different levels It often happens when dancing partners of different levels. It is important that a more experienced partner adjust to…

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There are certain mistakes that almost every student makes, whether a beginner or an advanced dancer. Some bugs wait at certain levels of development of dancers, some "errors" occur simply…

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On the dancefloor Exit to the dance floor Going out on the dance floor, especially if the song has already begun and couples are already dancing, you should be careful…

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Five reasons to dance!

(Many letters, but perhaps this article will help someone take the first step in the right direction)

Have you ever wondered why, in the moments when we experience sudden joy, we just want to “dance”?

Remember the phrase “Dance – a letter to you!”? Earlier to receive news from a near and dear person was a real holiday.

When we gather with friends to celebrate a joyful event, in the midst of fun, dances necessarily begin. Many simply dance when they are in a good mood. And this is no accident. Continue reading

Dancing vs. Sofa

Summarizing my dancing experience, I wondered what kind of people come to dance. What do they do in everyday life. According to the experience of my friends, as well as the results of the polls, the average male salsa is either an IT specialist or an office employee (engineer, accountant, lawyer, manager). The average salsa fairy is also an office employee. Those. Dancers are people with an established lifestyle, an 8-hour working day and, for various reasons, abandoned the sofa in favor of dancing. Continue reading

The atmosphere of social pair dancing

For a long time I could not understand the atmosphere of social pair dances. In fact, it’s very difficult to understand from the outside. Not only can they do things in public that some people are shy of in private, but they are also closed to the outside world. They communicate very gently and easily with each other and completely distantly – with those who are “not logged in”. While I was studying, but I was still “not logged in” – I must say, all this baffled me. Firstly, it seemed that through this veil of alienation to them, sparkling and beautiful, one simply could not break through. And secondly – how much you can cuddle in the end, how do they even do it, you know, I’m a decent girl, but then my partner will not even ask for a name – but to cuddle. Continue reading

How to quickly learn to dance

Surely you have found yourself thinking many times that you want to learn how to dance as beautifully as this girl or guy. Their movements inspire you and make you move according to rhythm. And at this moment you understand that you want to take dance lessons.

A sense of rhythm and a sense of beauty allows us to truly feel the full charm of the dance. This feeling flows naturally, and we cannot resist it. But, as in any business, to learn how to dance, you need practice and, of course, desire! Ask yourself how you feel when you see good dancers. You feel how your heart is beating faster, admiration and surprise are born within you. Sometimes at the sight of a dancing couple you may even have tears? Then it’s really time for you to take dancing lessons. Continue reading

Salsa dancing guy – who is he? (part 2)

The salsa dancing guy is confident. He knows his achievements and what he stands for. However, this does not mean that the guy dancing salsa is an upstart. He also perfectly understands that he does not know much and that much remains to be learned.

The guy dancing salsa is seasoned. You can’t call him anyone, but sissy. He will not cry if you tell him that he is a loser or send him to hell. He was denied the most beautiful girls in the city. He was told that the worst dancer than he had yet to see the light. They spat on his face. Oh, no, I don’t seem to spit in my face yet. Continue reading

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