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Reggaeton!.. How much of that sound!
Dynamic, bright, daring... Around these epithets to speak of reggaeton, and I understand why. Crazy energy, drive, cat plastic and ease in every cell of the body - all in…

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People come to social dance parties for leisure to enjoy the dance. For dancing man nothing compares with the elegant and harmonious sensations of dancing to beautiful music with a…

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The atmosphere of social pair dancing
For a long time I could not understand the atmosphere of social pair dances. In fact, it’s very difficult to understand from the outside. Not only can they do things…

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Hidden motives of novice dancers

It is believed that first of all people are enrolled in dance schools to meet new people, to diversify leisure time, to get in shape. Well, and learn to dance, of course. But they can be moved by completely different reasons, the existence of which man himself does not always guess, and when the hidden goal is achieved, the person either leaves the dance or already consciously develops in this direction and sets himself other goals.

What are these motives?

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10 mistakes novice dancers

You can join the dance so that it will be at least a pleasant hobby and always affordable way of spending time, as a maximum of a lifetime.

And you can start dancing so that the hunt for this occupation will beat for a long time.

Yes, even to such a seemingly unpretentious occupation as dancing, it is better to approach reasonably and try to avoid common mistakes of many beginners.

Error 1. “I have on the first lesson should all work out. If it didn’t work, I’m a sucker.”

Recruits, who have everything goes smoothly from the first lesson, can be counted on the fingers. One hand. With such arguments, you can generally not take up any business – then everything will turn out. In dreams. Continue reading

Is dancing like a Bicycle?

This small article in the first place must be read by those who are just taking their first steps in dancing, as well as those who have been engaged for some time, but has not yet received the results that he would like. Those who have enough level “two steps to the left, two steps to the right”, and those who decided to devote his life or most of it to dance and ready to work hard in their field, can relax and flipping on. This information will be either useless or familiar as the alphabet. The rest – and you, of course, the majority – are invited to read.

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I’m old… I’m superstar!

Today we will talk about the so-called “old men”. No, not the ones who – Hooray! – shock lasted to pension, and about those who for a long time not beginners in salsa.

Equivocation and without further ADO, we say that the complex “dance of Narcissus” somehow affected mostly men. The girls somehow easier is the process of improving dance skills, and with good reason. So it’s mostly about men. Well, and if some girls learn in the description of themselves – well, awareness of a situation very often means that it is already half solved. Continue reading


Myths about paired dances (for men).

Once I believed in these myths, as many have already stepped through this “pen” guys who are afraid to even think about dancing as less serious lesson for men… After all, most of the others, among which most likely You believe that…

1. “Men don’t dance.”
This is a huge and bloated, having nothing under a stereotype that men often (with a touch of humor) cover their fears of dancing and the weaker sex, with whom they really want to, but are afraid to dance. Continue reading

Dancing and Safety
When it comes to my favorite hobby, and not just a hobby, but already a way of life, of course, the least I want to focus on unpleasant moments. But…


Dancing and Safety
When it comes to my favorite hobby, and not just a hobby, but already a way of life, of course, the least I want to focus on unpleasant moments. But…


Did your partner enjoy the dance? Dance partners of different levels It often happens when dancing partners of different levels. It is important that a more experienced partner adjust to…


The toothpick
Chachacha is one of the most famous dances of Cuba, along with four others, it is included in the mandatory program of Latin American ballroom dancing. Its execution is always…