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What is salsa and what is it eaten with?
Actually, salsa is not “she” at all, it is “he”, because in Spanish it means “sauce”. But, adapting this overseas word to the Russian language, it still comes out "she"…

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Pole dance
Pole dance (dance on a pylon) is a fitness area that includes both elements of dance and acrobatics. It will help you learn to move harmoniously, improve the condition of…

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Why dance plays a huge role in life and implementation of plans?
That's a bold statement in the headline, isn't it? Or maybe, on the contrary, not brave enough? Let's understand. First, it makes sense to clarify what we need in order…

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If you are a real man, do you know how to manage women in the literal sense of the word, confidently and with pleasure for her? If you are a woman, can you understand your partner without words?

How to manage a woman without words, using only the language of their movements, touch and pulse? How to understand these impulses and conduct without words, turning it all into a harmonious pair of actions of men and women. It is even possible that you have never experienced the feeling of Confident “leading” or the feeling of Relaxed “leading”. This skill can and should be learned. Continue reading


Did your partner enjoy the dance?
Dance partners of different levels
It often happens when dancing partners of different levels. It is important that a more experienced partner adjust to the level of a less experienced partner. This is mainly a recommendation for those who lead (Read the article “How to learn to lead a partner in dance?”): dancing with a new partner, start with simple movements, and gradually move on to more complex. You will determine the level of comfort and remember it well future when you dance together again. Continue reading


On the dancefloor
Exit to the dance floor
Going out on the dance floor, especially if the song has already begun and couples are already dancing, you should be careful not to interfere with their output already dancing couples or, even worse, not to face them.

Dance line
If you are dancing a linear dance, such as salsa, it is worth remembering that Your line of dance and other couples should not intersect, i.e. they should be parallel. So You will have less chances to collide with another couple and deliver it to someone uncomfortable with their dancing. This is especially true of crowded dance floors. Continue reading


Who to invite
If each person will dance with only one or two partners (partners), the social orientation of the dance will be at risk. For this reason, social dance etiquette encourages everyone to dance with different partners. This should guarantee a variety of dance couples on the dance floor and give everyone the opportunity to dance. Also, dance etiquette does not recommend dancing with the same more than two dances in a row.

One of the ways to break this rule is when someone dances most of the party with someone they come with. In this case, the rules of etiquette are almost the same as traditional dinner parties: guests never sit at the table next to his wife. Continue reading


Dance etiquette is a series of recommendations that allow us to behave correctly in the dance environment.

Why do we care about dance etiquette? Because you should know how to behave at dance events. This will allow you to get more pleasure from dancing and socializing and help avoid awkward situations.

What to wear?
Dance has its own culture. If You want to join a group of dancers and enjoy their company, it is necessary to adhere to the appropriate form of clothing. It all depends on the event. If You are invited to the ball, it is better to wear a tuxedo for men and evening dress for women. Continue reading

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