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Dance etiquette is a series of recommendations that allow us to behave correctly in the dance environment.

Why do we care about dance etiquette? Because you should know how to behave at dance events. This will allow you to get more pleasure from dancing and socializing and help avoid awkward situations.

What to wear?
Dance has its own culture. If You want to join a group of dancers and enjoy their company, it is necessary to adhere to the appropriate form of clothing. It all depends on the event. If You are invited to the ball, it is better to wear a tuxedo for men and evening dress for women. On the other hand, in dance lessons in Your local Studio, there is usually no need to dress like that (Read the article “How to get the most out of dance lessons?”). You should always stick to common sense.

Requirements for clothing are not as strict as it may seem at first glance. If you don’t know how to dress, look at the others. In addition, You can always ask the organizer or your teacher about the dress code.

In most cases, the requirements are simple: the clothes should be neat and comfortable. Below are some General recommendations that should be followed in clothes at dance events.

No matter how informal the dance is, it is always better to wear dance shoes. Do not wear sneakers or other shoes with rubber soles. It does not slide on the floor and prevents rotation.
Avoid t-shirts, especially in the active dancing: it is not it should be pleasant to touch the damp skin of a partner.
The wide sleeves of the lady, especially expanding and low hanging in the area of the armpits, are not the best idea for dancing, because the partner needs access to the back and hands of the partner and you can get confused in them.
Accessories such as large rings, watches, brooches, long hanging necklaces and large belt buckles can be dangerous. They can get tangled in the partner’s clothes, scratch or hurt.
Men, if You have nowhere to put the phone, keys and other stuff, do not put them in the right pocket of his pants. This can bring discomfort of the partner (Especially dancing with a close contact). Better put it in the left.
If You have very long hair, it is better to pick them up or collect in a ponytail. It is difficult to enter into a closed position when the partner has long hair (in them the right hand of the partner is constantly entangled). Do not do braids and cling to the end of a hard hairpin. She is very unpleasant to get in the face during the turn.

Personal hygiene
The dance is usually two people are in close contact. Therefore:

Before the party:
Take a shower and use deodorant;
Brush your teeth and use mouthwash;
Refrain from foods that produce strong odors such as garlic;
The aroma of cigarettes while breathing or on clothes can be very unattractive.

During the dance:
Periodically monitor yourself;
During the party, freshen up and use the towel in the cleaning room;
If you sweat too much, bring a spare shirt or t-shirt.

Invitation to dance
Inviting to dance, you can use traditional phrases:

“May I have this dance?»
“Let’s dance»
“Shall we dance?”etc.
In the past it was a tradition when only men invited women to dance. But this custom gradually changed. Today, women feel comfortable inviting a man.

If the person you are going to invite is communicating with another, it is worth making eye contact with him. If You approach a group of people with an uncertain look, some may be offended that you did not invite them. Let’s avoid such inconvenient moments by showing your appearance and eye contact who you are going to invite.

What if You want to dance with someone who is currently engaged in conversation? Is it really acceptable to interrupt a conversation to ask for a dance? Some would say that if a person came to a party, it already indicates his desire to dance and invite in such situations – this is in the order of things. Others say that interrupting a conversation is a sign of bad taste.

In my opinion: invite to dance if You think he or she will be happy to dance with You at the moment. But you need to feel the situation. In addition, if You know that someone does not mind to interrupt the conversation to dance, feel free to invite.

There is one way to test willingness dance in moment conversation: need to approach unobtrusively to the edge of “personal space” Your intended partner, which accounts for roughly one meter. This distance is enough to invite to dance. If Your presence is not recognized, it may be a good sign that you should look for someone else to dance with.

Sticking to common sense and social skills is always a good idea. If someone is sitting close with their significant other, whispering something sweet in each other’s ear, then this is probably not the best time to invite any of them to dance. Now another scenario: suppose Your intended partner is cornered and listens to lectures on weather maps in Namibia with a bored look. You can come and stand close. As soon as Your intended partner looks at You, smile and say, “shall we Dance?”This is usually enough. Otherwise it is better to leave him/her to learn about the weather maps in Namibia.

Sometimes two people ask someone to dance at the same time. In this case, the etiquette of dance recommends that the object of attention took one of the invitations, take a second to dance a little later.

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Salsa dancing guy - who is he? (part 1)
Today I would like to try to write a psychological portrait of a typical (?) Guy practicing salsa for a while. More precisely, not even a portrait, but a rough…