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On the dancefloor
Exit to the dance floor
Going out on the dance floor, especially if the song has already begun and couples are already dancing, you should be careful not to interfere with their output already dancing couples or, even worse, not to face them.

Dance line
If you are dancing a linear dance, such as salsa, it is worth remembering that Your line of dance and other couples should not intersect, i.e. they should be parallel. So You will have less chances to collide with another couple and deliver it to someone uncomfortable with their dancing. This is especially true of crowded dance floors.

After the dance
After the dance and before you leave the partner, be sure to thank him for the dance. I remember some of the partners who responded to the gratitude after the dance: “Please!”It always made me smile. A proper response to “Thank you!”after dance: “Thank you!”. The fact that you thank not for the fact that You did something, and for the mutual enjoyment of the dance.

If You enjoyed the dance, tell your partner about it. Make a compliment about his/her dance. Be generous with praise, even if he or she is not the greatest of dancers. If You like something, say about it: “I really enjoyed that double spin. You led so easily and gracefully!”If You enjoyed it so much that you would like to dance with him/her again, this is a good time to say about it: ‘This was a wonderful salsa! I would like to dance with You later also bachata”. But we must remember that dancing a lot of dances with the same partner, as well as promising a lot of dances ahead, is a violation of social rules.

Leaving the dance floor
When the song is over, try to leave the dance floor as quickly as possible, so as not to disturb the couples who come out to dance the next dance. Tradition requires a gentleman to give the lady a hand and lead her to the edge of the dance floor. This custom is associated with an outdated tradition that requires gentlemen to invite a lady to dance, but it is still a pleasant rule that should be observed. Here it is worth remembering that Your partner may want to invite someone to the next dance. It is not necessary to keep it at the same time, if you see a willingness to go looking for another partner.

Exit to the dance floor/leaving the dance floor
Sometimes the exit to some dance floors can be limited by obstacles. The dancers and the gamblers must avoid such blokirovaniya outputs. Try not to stop in the aisle to chat with someone.

Dance floor division
Proper use of the dance floor requires that no one interfere with other couples dancing. Some shapes require changes to line dance. These figures should be executed with great care and only when there is no danger of collision with other couples. Try not to dance too close to other couples, especially less experienced ones. Be ready to change the direction of your dance to avoid crowded areas on the dance floor and spread more evenly. This requires moving in the dance to the free zone of the dance floor, while it may seem difficult to novice dancers.

Splitting the dance floor sometimes means leaving the dance floor! It often happens when at a party an unequal number of partners or partners, and each dance someone has to stand because they did not have enough partner. If partners at all is not enough, it would be good to skip a few dances to give the opportunity to dance to others.

Another aspect of the division of the dance floor should correspond to the speed and complexity of the dance. Recently I came across a very high beautiful couple. They very skillfully have been moving with big speed through the entire dance floor, and I unwittingly began watch, as they dance. And then I noticed that they were dancing dangerously close to other dancers and often other couples had to Dodge them. It was easy to see that others were unhappy with this couple” occupying” the entire dance floor.

Support and choreography
Don’t make complicated supports on crowded dance floors. While they may look cool, performing supports requires training by a competent teacher. Do not do them unless you are sure that you have mastered them well. This you can injure Your partner and others.

Dance without mistakes
Never accuse your partner of doing something wrong. Once I was watching a couple of newbies, the lady said, “I can do this move with everyone, just not with You!”The fact that she was wrong (I’ve seen her try to do it with others) is not important (Read the article “How to learn to follow a partner in dance?”). Even if the gentleman was guilty, she shouldn’t have said that.

No matter who is to blame for the fact that something does not work, both partners smile and continue. This also applies to those who dance better, who are more responsible. Accepting guilt is a particularly good trait for a gentleman. But at the same time, do not apologize too often. Now is not the time for this and it gives some inconvenience to Your partner.

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