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I’m old… I’m superstar!

Today we will talk about the so-called “old men”. No, not the ones who – Hooray! – shock lasted to pension, and about those who for a long time not beginners in salsa.

Equivocation and without further ADO, we say that the complex “dance of Narcissus” somehow affected mostly men. The girls somehow easier is the process of improving dance skills, and with good reason. So it’s mostly about men. Well, and if some girls learn in the description of themselves – well, awareness of a situation very often means that it is already half solved.

So, why the superiority complex affected more men than women? The main reason is simple as truth. Well, it’s just that there are ten times fewer men than girls in dancing. The weakest of the stronger sex can break already at the first visit to the dance school. And I understand them perfectly! Come – and here you have a flower garden, and everyone wants to dance with you, or at least just stand in a pair and hold hands, if you have not yet mastered basic. And everyone is nice, polite, and very ,very friendly. How can you not lose your head? So even those who do not seem to have a predisposition to narcissism, have a hard time.

What happens next?

And then, slowly-easy (God forbid if quickly), begins to get something on the dance floor, uncertain at first steps and the game “pull-push” with partners add up in knots and elements. And the dance begins to be born. While not very confident, raw, but some no, and dance. The growing attention of partners on salsateca already and not with all want to dance, choose experienced.

In the end, there comes a time when you start to enjoy the dance. However, even more fun is the realization that your rating soared to heaven, and you, unattainable, is simply nothing to wish for.

I do not want to talk about the severe forms of this disease, let’s focus on the relatively easy and fixable.

A man who has reached a high, in his opinion, level in salsa, quits classes, because he believes that he can already teach, perform, dance like a God until the end of his days and enjoy all the bonuses of this skill.

He loses everything. Not at once. Actually, if you have some time it appears on salsateca, it will learn to dance with the old memory, and then a vacuum is created. It all starts with a sharp drop in the dance level. Salsa, like all other classes, does not forgive long breaks. Here, as in everything, if you do not develop, then you degrade. And now you and that ugly-looking salsero queue of girls to invite him to dance.

You could spit and say – and the hell with it! “but it wasn’t there. Not everyone can survive such a sharp outflow of attention calmly. Except that only someone who initially treated it calmly, just as a nice bonus. But he has no problems. And what to do to the one who got hooked on attention? Such men have a hard time – do not say after all: “Well,quickly again all love me!”And to return pride does not allow – as it is, to me, the king of the dance, more training? I already know…

What’s really going on?

And this is what happens. Dance only brings out the problem, not creates it. The thing is that it is in the dance – and it is already clear why – it is quite easy for a man to rise to several levels at once and get easy attention and recognition of his activities, and this acts intoxicatingly on the immature characters.

Excessive self-confidence, as you know, is the downside of shyness. And dancing seems like an incredibly easy way to change everything. And when you begin to see the confirmation of your thoughts in real life, you think – Yes, here it is, finally! For some six months of training people, sometimes, changes beyond recognition. And then it turns out that nothing has been decided. Although with the right approach dancing can really be a great help. If from mild success to keep your head, of course.

It happens that a person still takes himself in hand and resumes classes, taking into account the mistakes made, hiding his pride away. And this is the best option. What he will do next with the skills and abilities, his personal matter. Maybe he will reach a really high level and open his own school. Maybe it will keep in its Arsenal dancing as a pleasant and useful hobby, which is very beautifies life and makes it much more exciting and interesting.

But it often happens that a person rolls down to the previous level (well, if not below) and at the same time blames everyone around except himself.

How to treat?

Not counting the salsa a magic wand and expect from it miracles. Miracles are known to happen with their own hands, at least this wand someone has to wave.

Remember the saying “Easy come – easy lost»

Be aware in advance that you are worth something by themselves, and not just because they went to the dance. And keep your head cold, of course. Despite the fact that salsa is able to turn it and the most balanced person:).

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