The best way to do this is when You're facing the person you want to dance with. Say, "would You like to dance?", "Can we dance?"I'd like to dance with…

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Reggaeton!.. How much of that sound!
Dynamic, bright, daring... Around these epithets to speak of reggaeton, and I understand why. Crazy energy, drive, cat plastic and ease in every cell of the body - all in…

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People who learn to dance naturally want to get as much out of their dance lessons as possible, but often do not clearly understand how to do it. In fact,…

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10 mistakes novice dancers

You can join the dance so that it will be at least a pleasant hobby and always affordable way of spending time, as a maximum of a lifetime.

And you can start dancing so that the hunt for this occupation will beat for a long time.

Yes, even to such a seemingly unpretentious occupation as dancing, it is better to approach reasonably and try to avoid common mistakes of many beginners.

Error 1. “I have on the first lesson should all work out. If it didn’t work, I’m a sucker.”

Recruits, who have everything goes smoothly from the first lesson, can be counted on the fingers. One hand. With such arguments, you can generally not take up any business – then everything will turn out. In dreams.

Error 2. “I will walk in the house closest to the school dances, conveniently the same.”

Convenience considerations when choosing a dance school are about as good as when choosing a friend/wife/husband. You’re there to learn at least a few months. But if teaching well at all the seams? And if zero progress? Convenience comes first anyway?

Error 3. “I won’t be able to do it anyway, just wasting my time»

Only the aliens (and they probably already know) have not heard anything about the power of self-programming. And it works, of course, both in one and in the other direction. Of course, if you set yourself a clear intention to never achieve anything, the success of this intention is guaranteed! And if you try to do the opposite? Well, at least for the sake of interest.

Error 4. “Give more chips, who needs these basic steps?»

If a person really comes to learn dancing, and not to get acquainted/unwind/have fun/learn a new hobby, etc. (emphasize your option), he has his own reasons. And one of them is to Shine on the dance floor, wherever this dance floor is. And to fight all others within sight of their skills, plasticity, artistry. And this, of course, need chips, chips, chips, but more spectacular! The catch is that without a solid solid base, these chips simply do not have anything to wear. And then it will all be like a drunken dance at someone else’s wedding. By the way, even with a minimum set of basic elements can look very, very good.

Error 5. “Music is the tenth thing, the main thing – another bunch in your Arsenal to catch!»

This error is closely related to the previous one and stems from the same desire to become as cool as possible faster. But the dancer, walking past the music, will never look cool, alas. Even acrobatics, synchronized with the music, and it looks spectacular. Dancing on the and dancing. That exercise can be and by, and without any music to do. And what about those who complain about the lack of hearing? Stop complaining because everyone has a hearing! The question merely is, to finally bring him out of coma and make a full. Teacher to help you!

Error 6. “The teacher knows everything!»

Well, if you just get to a sensible teacher, it is not such a terrible mistake. But if you miss, then full confidence in the teacher can play a cruel joke with you. For more information about what is fraught with full confidence in the instructor, read our article “Dancing and safety.”

Error 7. “The teacher doesn’t know anything, but I do…»

The other extreme is to question everything the teacher is trying to teach you. Former ballroom dancers are especially susceptible to it, as well as those who like to jump on open lessons, to grab the beginnings of knowledge, after which, being confident in their own perfection, take everything with hostility that does not fit into their personal experience. The result, if you think about it, is known in advance: you will learn nothing. Filter the information – one thing, put it a barrier – another. Once you have settled on a certain school and a certain teacher, without the necessary limit of trust can not do.

Error 8. “I need to remember everything»

Yes, Yes, it’s a mistake. Because at first the amount of information can go off scale, and remember everything is simply impossible. And if you try to do that, sooner or later you’ll just explode and give up. You need to remember the most necessary things. A good teacher is sure to repeat important things over and over again, and in the end – the repetition of the mother of learning – everything will be remembered in a more pleasant and quiet mode. And with greater efficiency. And muscle memory has not been canceled.

Error 9. “I don’t know why I go to the dance»

The purpose or reason – even the smallest – must be present. Just likes to dance and always wanted to learn – too good. Even more than. Interest and pleasure from the process are the best friends in the process of mastering any new skill. And with zero motivation, everything will soon come to naught. Want to meet new people? That’s fine! At least some physical activity, and preferably not boring? Wonderful!

Error 10. “I’m the coolest, I already know!»

Well, it’s been a month or a couple of months, the basic steps are mastered. Mastered even some complex elements and chips, and comes dizziness from success. Not at all, of course, but if the initial stage of training goes too smoothly, the manifestations of the superiority complex are almost inevitable. And goes half-taught dancer in free swimming – to tantalize their future partner (or partners) of their “skills”.

But the dance does not consist of a set of hastily mastered mechanical movements. This is primarily an interaction with a partner, a sincere (or very interesting, lively) conversation, this is the ability to make your society comfortable for the interlocutor, so much so that the viewer is also pleased to see. Lifting partner back and forth (or to quickly issue a set of pieces of show-style, while the partner gets bored in the sidelines) – it’s not dance, friends. But when after the dance to you queues of people wanting to dance with you, although like you there was nothing special when my partner (or partner) sincerely thanks for the dance, when you feel that these 3-5 minutes have not lived in vain, then Yes, you all know.

And Yes, it’s really cool!

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