Salsa dancing guy - who is he? (part 3)
By depriving him of the opportunity to dance, you are depriving a guy dancing salsa of his passion. You make him an ordinary average person - a person without dreams…

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If you are a real man, do you know how to manage women in the literal sense of the word, confidently and with pleasure for her? If you are a…

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How to choose shoes for dancing?
Dance is a whole universe. For professional dancers, nothing is more important than dance, and they devote all their free time to it, honing and perfecting their skills. The most…

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What is salsa and what is it eaten with?

Actually, salsa is not “she” at all, it is “he”, because in Spanish it means “sauce”. But, adapting this overseas word to the Russian language, it still comes out “she” – salsa – so burning, sultry and temperamental. It blows away from her, sparks pour out of her eyes and inside it gets so hot that I even want to dance!

Yes, it’s dancing! To us, women, beautiful, passionate and romantic, the dance seems to be something very dear and close, we quickly grasp its rhythm and allow the dance to reveal our deep essence. In the dance we live, rejoice, communicate, we love, flirt and, of course, conquer, allowing men to quietly or loudly admire our grace and perfection.

That is why I am addressing this article, first of all, to you, dear men! Why do you need it? Because you, our heroes, are wonderful, smart, strong and capable, you completely neglect such a talent as the ability to dance, thinking that you have put on your Armani shirt alright, and dancing is a sentimental and foreign destiny.

What a pity that you are so mistaken that you can’t even imagine what magic effect a dancing man has on a lady! For a woman, he is not just exotic (such men become exotic in view of their meager numbers). He is a strategic goal for her!

And now multiply the lack of supply by very very unsatisfied demand, and you will get an effect that exactly you could produce by your presence on the dance floor!

Although, however, if you are absolutely not interested in:

1) become more relaxed, learn to move beautifully and harmoniously

2) be at the peak of fashion and popularity among the weak half of humanity

3) understand how great it is to be in charge (and after all, a man leads his lady in dance)

4) as well as dramatically increase the number of fans,

then this article is not for you.

While you decide whether to read further, I will talk about burning and temperamental salsa. No, not about the sauce. About the dance called “salsa”!

First, a little history.

Salsa is a Latin American dance that takes its roots on the island of fun and eternal happiness – Cuba. Hot and passionate, today this dance can no longer be called a phenomenon of only Latin American culture, since “salsomania” encompasses a huge number of people in all parts of the world.

Like music, salsa is a vivid fusion of Cuban (dream, danson, rumba), North American (jazz, rock, swing), Caribbean (bomb, captivity, kumbya) and South American (samba, tango) rhythms. Mmmm … real sauce!

The name of this dance comes from a very popular dream at the beginning of the century (sleep is a style of music) “Echale Salsita” (which means “add a twinkle”). According to this version, at one concert, Latin American performers presented their “new invention” – the boogaloo rhythm – nothing more than a modernized Cuban dream mixed with merengue, bossanova, cumbia, cha-cha-cha, mambo and boogie-woogie. Tito Puente (the famous “king of mambo”), watching people dancing to new rhythms, said: “Esto es una gran salsa!”, Which translates as “Great sauce!”. And stuck.

In the 70s, having come to the USA with the music and culture of emigrants, salsa turned from a purely folk, folklore to a universal social dance (in the first translation – social dance), becoming a fashionable trend and an integral part of American dance leisure. And mixed with jazz, salsa conquered the whole world.

Characteristic features of salsa are: four quarter size, fast pace and complex rhythmic pattern. And emotionally – passion, temperament and extraordinary sexuality!

Salsa is a flirting dance. Therefore, dear men, going to dance classes or to a latina bar, do not forget about your innate charm, sparkle in your eyes and passion. Women are crazy about it. While don’t even think about hypocrisy! After all, salsa is a dance of freedom, love and happiness. By the way, there are no regular partners in salsa, so no one will appreciate your jealousy.

What is important to know before you go to study salsa:

– This is primarily a pair dance, therefore its most important aspect is a sense of partner, easy and sensitive conduct.

– Pair dance – means cooperation. The partner leads, and the partner decorates.

– In the process of teaching dance, it is customary to change partners. This global practice has a simple goal – you can dance with any partner anywhere in the world.

In addition, I personally, as an avid salsomaniac, am absolutely sure that salsa is very useful for self-improvement!

Firstly, salsa perfectly develops creative abilities. After all, it is customary to improvise here. This gives performers great freedom and scope for dance delights.

Secondly, salsa teaches you to feel the rhythm (and it is in this dance, sometimes quite difficult for an unprepared ear), to be flexible, flexible and move your hips (!!!). In addition, salsa develops teamwork and a sense of partner.

Thirdly, this wonderful dance helps us become what we were born. Men should be leaders, courageous and strong, and women should be soft, fluid and supple.

Cavaliers learn strategic thinking (you dance yourself, lead a partner and at the same time figure out which pieces you will perform next – that’s the task!). But the ladies, who busted over their feminist views on life, gladly obey and spin, spin, stunning everyone with their flexibility and grace.

And fourthly, salsa makes it easier to relate to life! Cubans say Europeans dance salsa because they want to learn how to have fun with Cubans. And this is absolutely true. We, the inhabitants of a cold and unfriendly climate, have completely forgotten that for entertainment and fun you just need something: music, excitement and a smile.

People come to social dance parties for leisure to enjoy the dance. For dancing man nothing compares with the elegant and harmonious sensations of dancing to beautiful music with a…


Salsa dancing guy - who is he? (part 3)
By depriving him of the opportunity to dance, you are depriving a guy dancing salsa of his passion. You make him an ordinary average person - a person without dreams…


Before you begin to list the types of partners, it is worth mentioning that they are based on the General features that have been seen, watching the behavior of dancers…


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