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For some time now, I have been nurturing the idea of ​​creating a rating of the most daring ideas with which people explain (primarily to themselves) their unwillingness to dance. Participate, send your ideas too! I am sure that if you have not tried dancing yet, then you can replenish the treasury of world wisdom!

1. I am wooden
No good reason not to dance

At first it was wild to me, but then I got used to what exactly the girls, incl. very nice, in a hurry to declare their “woodenness.” How to perceive it, I do not know. Maybe this is a new way of coquetry this?Or being “wooden” is now in fashion? I have never heard such a phrase from the guys (the guys talk about their inability, but about woodenness as their original, natural incapacity, as about their QUALITY – never). There are girls who obviously spend tons of time and money on self-care, while programming themselves to realize the “woodenness” – and do not see any contradiction.

Woodenness is of different origins. There is a stiffness of status, conventions, complexes. It’s hard for a person too serious to relax and surrender to the movement – and the body is enslaved. The same thing – if a person constantly thinks that “I won’t succeed” – in the language of self-hypnosis, this means a command to close and strain. Of course, all this comes from the mind, not from the body.

There is still a woodenness of inability to listen – music, partner, yourself. And again, the body is not guilty of anything, and there is nothing to slander him. As soon as you release it even a little bit, it will begin to receive the joy of freedom and movement. The best way to learn to listen and respond is to do it as often as possible.

2. I do not know how to dance
My second favorite. But you never danced? How will you be able to? HOW can you refuse to learn something on the basis of the fact that YOU DO NOT ABLE TO DO IT?

Let me remind you that once we did not know how to walk and talk. It is so good that then we were not so strong in excuses.

3. I really want, but I do not have time
No good reason not to dance Oh, yes, willingly believe. Enough only for an hour or two Vkontakte, some series, hang up on your mobile. Where does the time come from?

And I say this without irony. This is real sadness. Very often people REALLY do not do what they really want, because they do what horrible, which was not planned at all. Somehow it goes like that.
People who are really busy have MUCH EASIER time. They are generally accustomed to finding it, organizing themselves. So start training. Let it be dancing or whatever. But the more you do, the more you can do more.

And all your urgent worries … Husband, boyfriend, girl, children, parents, dogs, fish will only benefit from your good mood.

4. I can not find a partner (partner)
There is no good reason not to dance. Considering what both partners and partners say, it is difficult to assume that there is no way out of this situation. Well, after all, it cannot be that the partner and partner were standing nearby and could not find in any way with whom to dance?

5. I am not made for dancing
Again, the statement is mostly female. Have you heard that “men don’t dance”? Forget this is just a stereotype. Many men simply never tried to dance, but in a call situation they would accept him, albeit clumsily, but not bother about it.

The reason that some girls refuse, without even trying, FOR ANY EVENT – Suddenly it doesn’t work out – it seems to me lies in the fact that too much attention is paid to the “outside” of the girl. Those. she is afraid not to meet some unknown standards or assessments … nobody knows.

Instead of just being.

6. I’ll start next month … somehow … if that
I’ll immediately tell you an excellent excuse for the next month: “Everyone has already gone too far, now I won’t catch up.”

Infinitely make plans, dream, think “it would be nice …” – but someday later. The only way to deal with this is to do at least something, but today and now.

Thank you, that’s all for today, I look forward to new inventive reasons for not being able to dance!

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