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The toothpick
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Many people are familiar with the concept of the five languages of love, in which people Express their sympathy and affection (and who is not familiar, so we recommend to read the book by its author, Harry Chapman – really useful reading). For someone, love is expressed in the time spent together, for someone – in words of approval, help, touch or gifts.

And we thought, maybe there are “languages of love” in the dance? Quite probable. What kind of connection you are looking for with a partner directly depends on what kind of connection you need yourself. In other words, we do not hesitate to invest what we want to get ourselves – although this is not always the right decision.

Let’s try to learn to understand what different partners really need, and this will help us find a common language with everyone, learn to dance to mutual pleasure.

What they crave: Inspiration

Their least favorite partners: People who don’t invest in dance

Dancers, for whom the language of love in dance is energy, are looking for dancing to the fullest. This does not mean the complexity of the dance, but they want to feel that the partner is really fully laid out. They don’t mind sweat and heavy breathing. The perfect dance for them is what leaves a feeling of light exhaustion at the end of a particularly wonderful song when you barely get off the dance floor. Evaluate how he gives it-he does it for you, and try to answer at least some share of the same!

What they crave: Fun!

Their least favorite partners: people who don’t smile

Dancers who appreciate playfulness, want to have fun. They don’t care about sensuality or technique, but they want a partner who wants to play. It can be bizarre figures or interesting play on the words of the song (theatrical, mimic) or something else. They like the sense of teamwork that comes from experimentation. Their ideal dance is when partners laugh at a strange moment or mistakes, and where the boring “correctness” of the dance takes the last place.

Deep connection
What they want: the Perfect synchronicity

Their least favorite partners: people who dance figures or experiment, forgetting about the connection

Dancers who are looking for connections, forget about the world around them and look for unity with their partner. The visual image means little to them. What they feel means everything. They would rather move slowly and simply and maintain a “perfect connection” than go fast or hard and break “magic.”

For them, the “perfect dance” is the one where synchronization with the partner’s movements is not interrupted.

What they crave: Overcoming

Their least favorite partners: people who don’t try new things for fear of failure

Dancers who want to be always pushing for more, are the dancers of the Call. They like tricks, support, complex ligaments. Presenters (partners ) enjoy, bringing to dizzying figures, inserting their own “acrobatics”; the following (partners) are proud of their balance, responsiveness, sensitivity in the performance of movements that they have never seen before.

Of course, these dancers are not like dangerous partners (everyone needs to watch what is happening around, not crash, not cause injuries to each other…). But the dance, in which they are not kept on their feet, makes them want more. They are extremely interested in how many spins on one leg they can withstand, whether it is possible to accelerate this footwork twice. The perfect dance – when they danced more than expected from themselves.

What they crave: a Subtle musical feeling

Their least favorite partners are people who dance the same way, regardless of the music.

Dancers looking for expressiveness want emotions, textures and contrasts. They need a partner who will best translate each song into motion. Their ideal dance is the one that perfectly conveys the spirit of the song and its atmosphere.

These dancers can dance the simplest figures – as long as there is musical expressiveness. They would rather repeat 4-5 patterns in perfect synchronicity with the music than make 100 figures detached from the song. They love partners who flexibly change their dance style when the music changes.

What they want: to come up with a new

Their least favorite partners: people who are clearly learned in the lessons of the scheme

Dancers who communicate through Creativity always want to do something new – or in a new way. They want to “break the rules” and participate in co-creation. The usual movements will “come off” in small doses, but they do not satisfy these people.

Their ideal partner is the person who approaches each dance from scratch. They love when their partner adds something unexpected, explores new dimensions of movement. They would prefer netgenie way “safe”, which is used by all the others.

More than one language
Of course, as in all cases of psychology, “pure cases” are rare. Most people use a combination of languages. You might like a challenge – especially when it expresses music. Or you can enjoy a deep connection, but at the same time love the playfulness and energy.

And knowledge of languages, as in all cases, helps us to communicate. Understand what your partner wants, and maybe it will not go against your interests.

What if a foreign language is not close to you? Seek compromises. If you do not have a hand to “play” – you can find each other in a deep connection or energetic dance.

Many people are familiar with the concept of the five languages of love, in which people Express their sympathy and affection (and who is not familiar, so we recommend to…


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