Reggaeton!.. How much of that sound!
Dynamic, bright, daring... Around these epithets to speak of reggaeton, and I understand why. Crazy energy, drive, cat plastic and ease in every cell of the body - all in…

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So, you decided to start dancing, but do not know to go to you in sneakers or sandals. Or have to bring socks, and then how it goes... Tell. There…

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Salsa dancing guy - who is he? (part 2)
The salsa dancing guy is confident. He knows his achievements and what he stands for. However, this does not mean that the guy dancing salsa is an upstart. He also…

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Sports dance club
Club of professional orientation. Professional ballroom dances are presented.

Main activity: dance training for those who want to build a dance career, preparation for competitions, tournaments. Training of professional athletes in the field of dance.

Teachers: famous teachers and choreographers, stars of dance sports.

Clients: professionals who Polish their skills, children and teenagers who have decided to connect their lives with dancing. Usually these are groups divided by age.

Classes in this club require large financial investments (group and individual classes, seminars, competitions, costumes, etc.) a lot of time in the hall and outside (tournaments, seminars). Suitable for parents who dream of seeing children in ball costumes waltzing on the floor. Or for the development of ethics and aesthetics in children.

Dance club
A wide range of dances from sports to modern and unique areas, fitness classes are possible (Pilates, capoeira, yoga, stretching, etc.).

Main activities: dance Training for Amateurs, active club life, events and parties for club members. Preparation for participation in Pro Am tournaments (Amateur professional).

Teachers: professional dancers, former athletes, choreographers, ballet masters.

Clients: the Widest client segment without age restrictions, all those who want to learn to move and . Ideal for those who have always dreamed but never dared. Since teachers do not require full immersion and return moral and financial, realizing that it is leisure. Club life will give a new hobby, Dating, schedule of events for months ahead in the company of cheerful like-minded people. Most often the class is divided not by age, but by the direction of the dance and level of training. Periodically opening a new group for newly arrived newcomers.

Dance studio
Chamber scale, as a rule, represents one or two well-known teachers who may be the owners and teachers.

Main activity: dance training for both professionals and Amateurs. Author training programs. Preparation for participation in Pro Am tournaments (Amateur professional.)

Teachers: usually one/two well-known teachers.

Clients: basically, clients come for a specific teacher or for a specific authoring program.

Suitable for those who do not like to push in dance classes, appreciate cozy groups or want to engage in a very rare direction in a particular teacher.

Dance school
As a rule, it offers dance training in one direction (tango school, salsa school, etc.).)

Main activity: dance training within one school, thematic dance parties.

Teachers: professional dancers, specialists in one/two areas of dance.

Clients: clients want to learn a particular dance and do not want to be distracted by other programs. For example, the Argentine tango school. After all, most people dancing this direction do not dance anything else. Both teachers and their students. Such clubs often hold tournaments and parties only for members of their club.

Dance classes in fitness clubs
Dance activity is not a major for fitness clubs, rather it is another additional service for customers. Classes are possible in sports shoes and clothes. Suitable for those who go to fitness clubs in order to maintain shape, but regular aerobics classes do not deliver complete pleasure. It is impossible to perform outside the fitness club.

Salsa dancing guy - who is he? (part 2)
The salsa dancing guy is confident. He knows his achievements and what he stands for. However, this does not mean that the guy dancing salsa is an upstart. He also…


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8 reasons to learn salsa
1) New acquaintances, passion, incendiary partners and partners. Lonely people have a chance to get a relationship, couples will be able to strengthen relationships and add passion to them. Here,…