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A Hindu proverb says, “The one who can’t dance puts the blame on the dance floor,” but let’s look at a situation where the dance floor is really uncomfortable!

If the dance floor is too slippery, You feel like a cow on the ice and are afraid to do something in order not to lose your balance. Of course, multiple spins look very impressive, but on a slippery floor You can not properly start them and finish too. And if the dance floor is too sticky, it’s hard to do anything quickly, and Your knees will eventually start to hurt.

Looking for the perfect dance floor is like chasing a Ghost, so most of the time we have to deal with not so perfect.

But there are some tricks that Will help you.

Sticky dance floors
Sticky floor can be corrected easily with baby powder. The downside is that it needs to cover the floor surface, so if You’re not in a place where people are used to it, just apply the powder to the sole of your shoes rather than the dance floor, although this reduces the effect somewhat. Also remember that everyone’s subjective feeling of how sticky the floor is is is different. Don’t think that if You can’t turn around then the whole dance floor needs processing and that everyone will thank You for it.

Don’t abuse the twists and turns (Your own or Your partner’s) when the dance floor is sticky! You can damage the knee joints.

Slippery dance floors
What to do with an uncomfortable dance floor?

Slippery dance floor can be a bigger problem. I’ve experimented with a lot of traditional remedies (and some non-traditional ones), but Your best bet is castor oil. It will help You for a few dances before it dries. Use it sparingly on the soles of Your shoes as it is very sticky and can make it difficult to slip. If You overdo it.

Wax also helps, but only in the beginning. It must be constantly shaken off and applied again, otherwise it becomes slippery in itself. But many people complain about it.

If You don’t have anything like that, water or soda will help too. Unfortunately, they dry out very quickly due to the high friction temperature.

And of course the use of a Shoe brush can give a good result, although it works less and less as the shoes are worn and then it is used more for cleaning.

Good technique
In addition to these methods, a good technique will help You in dancing on the uncomfortable dance floor.

Often, it is the beginners will be dissatisfied with imperfect flooring, or any flooring that is different from that to which they are accustomed. With experience on the dance floor, which used to be perceived as slippery, it becomes easier to dance.

Your center of gravity should always be exactly above the foot you are stepping on, otherwise You will slip easily. Avoid large steps and steps at a slight angle to the dance floor. Relax your legs and stretch your toes in order to get a better grip.

Tips for girls in high heels
If You are afraid to fall and rise up, Your body becomes rigid, which increases the risk of falling. The more You use the floor and work with it, the more relaxed and stable You become.

Try to lower the weight from the top of your shoulders to Your hips. Watch your position to make sure You keep the balance on your own and don’t grab onto your partner for support.

If You are not comfortable and stable enough in high heels, consider using ballet flats or jazz shoes until you learn to better control your weight.

Masking tape
What to do with an uncomfortable dance floor?With slippery and sticky dance floors can help you masking tape. It is glued with horizontal or vertical stripes on the sole of the Shoe.

The masking tape is special because it is easy to remove. However, once the tape becomes “worn”, it becomes harder to remove it, so I would recommend using the tape for a night or two and then cleaning the shoes off of it.

The almost magical point is that the tape has the right degree of slip on any surface except the very slippery one.

My old dance sneakers (with hard rubber soles) started to get sticky on a good surface. Instead of throwing out sneakers and buying new ones, I put a masking tape on them and it became comfortable to dance in them again.

Here are some situations in which masking tape can save:

1. On any sticky floor. It doesn’t matter if it’s wooden or not. Coatings on the dance floors can be very different: concrete, vinyl, carpet, sticky wooden floor and so on. If You think the surface is too sticky, use this tape. It can make Your night much more enjoyable.

2. When you need to dance on paving slabs or on concrete. There are times when you have to dance in the open air, and often the surface for dancing is not perfect. It is very difficult to rotate on paving slabs and it is possible to damage knees. Just stick the masking tape on your shoes and You can do double or even triple rotations. Everyone else will be watching and wondering how you do it.

I would also recommend using a suede-soled Shoe masking tape to avoid damaging it.

3. When You want to dance not in dance shoes.

Great news – You’ll now be able to use regular rubber-soled shoes for dancing! Just stick a masking tape on the sole.

4. Here is another very useful situation. Especially if You’re a dance teacher. Usually beginners come to classes in their everyday shoes. Hand them a masking tape and their shoes will immediately become comfortable for dancing.

How do You deal with uncomfortable dance floors? Write in the comments about your methods. Perhaps someone it will be useful.

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