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In dance studios there are always students who go to group, take individual classes and they can never be seen at parties in clubs. This fact is very disturbing. Often, when students are asked why they never go to parties or other events, they usually say, “Well, I don’t think I’m ready.”

Going to parties is very important at any level of training!
Ready or not, first of all, to dance at parties should be the main purpose of training.

There’s no point in learning to dance if You don’t put it into practice. It’s like learning a foreign language, but not using it in everyday life – ultimately, You won’t learn it really well or, worse, forget it.Nothing compares to being in the trenches when grenades explode around
Classes and parties go hand in hand, they help each other, You will need to use your skills.

An analogy might be learning to drive a car. It is easier to learn: by learning from books or in school?

Training will not replace the fact that most of the real-time training You will be driving.

You can of course always improve your skills by attending classes!

Of course, some of You might say, “well, individual or group classes are like driving a car as well” – this might be true, but it’s like driving a car in a closed area. What about traffic? What about traffic lights? What about different types of roads? What about drunk drivers? Different types of cars that differ in management?… and much more

Nothing compares to real conditions
You can practice with your teacher or partner or other students, but what will You personally do when you find yourself on a crowded dance floor? What if Your partner/partner can’t turn right or keep balance? What if the floor is sticky, or too slippery? What if You have uncomfortable shoes? What if it’s too dark or too bright on the dance floor? What if You can’t figure out the score in music? What if You had a few cocktails? What if Your partner drinks a few cocktails?… or what if All the people around here are a little drunk!

Mistakes are an important part of learning
When You go to the club, keeping in mind certain movements – You will make mistakes. At the first party, You may not be able to make the right move or bundle, or, in the case of a partner, you may not be able to follow the lead of the partner.

But you mustn’t give up. The next time You go to a club and try the same move, maybe You’ll only make 3 mistakes. Maybe next time after that, You will make just 1 mistake.. and so on. This is how You will improve your skills. It does not work the first time magically, the tenth time will be much better than the first. It was with me – it’s the natural course of things.

Rule 3-1
Very simple and especially for classes: for each hour of classes, there should be at least 3 hours of parties and self-practice of what You have learned in that hour. It may seem crazy, but it’s not. If you go to the club at 9 o’clock and leave at 12 – it’s three o’clock. If you go to parties twice a week – the plan is fulfilled! This is just like working with a tutor and homework.

Practice makes perfect
Some students take weekly one-to-one classes, but here’s the main problem: in one-to-one classes, if the teacher is very good, You’ll learn a lot of things you need to keep working on. In group classes there is the same point, all the small details are of great importance. Try to practice what you have learned in the classroom. Otherwise, You will have to re-learn the same things you learned in the last lesson or work on new ones without fixing the old ones. Why do some people never see an improvement in their dancing skills? They go and go to classes, but never practice what they learn. It’s like going to University, listening to lectures and never doing your homework.

Homework is the key to good learning
There is no more fun homework than going to a party and dancing! If You do take private lessons, if it is a good teacher, the teacher will know that he / she has to give you time between classes to absorb knowledge, practice it on his / her own and try it at parties.

Because when You try the moves in the club, You will make some mistakes and come back to the teacher with questions.

But, You will feel progress!… and that’s an important part of learning, because every time You come back, there are fewer and fewer questions.

Fear is sin
Being intimidated to the point where You don’t even go to a party is a capital Sin! The best treatment is to go there and dance right now. Start dancing with a person you know, with whom You have a good relationship, with a friend or a person with whom you attend classes together, and who dances on the same level with You. Do it because it’s harder to screw up and you’ll have fun together and have a good time anyway. And that’s the key fact – You’re still dancing, you’re still moving, and you’re becoming a good dancer faster just because You’re there.

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