If you are a real man, do you know how to manage women in the literal sense of the word, confidently and with pleasure for her? If you are a…

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When You read this article, do not read it, being upset and disappointed in yourself for any reason. Either way, You have to remember 2 things:

First: Why are You dancing? Whatever the reason, don’t let anyone destroy the joy you feel from dancing, even if You don’t agree with what they say.

Second, if You think that you belong to one of the categories that you don’t like very much, remember that it is in Your power to change everything, and the first step to change is awareness.

These categories are based on the General features that have been seen watching the behavior of dancers on the dance floor. These types are not innate characteristics of a particular person, but depend on the presence or absence of experience, understanding of social etiquette (social dance Etiquette), self-confidence and awareness. Thus, remember that the ability to lead a partner is acquired with experience and this can be learned (How to learn to lead a partner in dance?).

Now, in order…

5 types of partners:

This partner usually uses a lot of intricate steps and is actually a very good dancer. Yet they ALWAYS dance only for themselves and never adjust their dance to the level of the partner with whom they dance. Dance Poser looks gorgeous from the side, as he seeks to look good. But the partner with whom he dances, if she has significantly less experience, will look and feel awkward throughout the dance.

This is the type of partners who try to make an infinite number of complex movements and figures due to a fairly good management and timing. They tend to try to imitate Posers, but don’t have enough level to do it. A little tip in learning any dance: it is Better to be able to conduct and perform 6 movements excellent than 60 awful.

We all know at least one of these guys whose hands are wandering in places they shouldn’t be. A little advice to this type of partner lets You into your personal space and trusts You to lead her in the dance and take care of her. Don’t abuse that trust by doing things you shouldn’t do on the dance floor. It’s NOT COOL! Respect her privacy and ultimately respect her.

These are actually two different types of partners, two extremes:

Very shy guy partner, who is very timid and shy, trying to keep the lady at all. In fact, he stands still and his conduct is very difficult to feel and the lady has to interpret his signals at random.

A hard rider is a partner who leads so harshly and aggressively that the partner has to be afraid that he does not twist her hands.

Extremes rarely benefit and, as a rule, one should strive to find a middle ground between these aspects.

Real man
This kind of partners very clearly leads and makes it very clear what he wants the partner to do, while giving her enough space and freedom to do her own things in moments when she wants it or should.

He takes care of the partner, studies how she moves and leads so that it was easier to follow. He determines the level of dance and leads so that the partner felt comfortable in the dance. Finally, he inspires and encourages his partner to play music and Express herself.

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If you are a real man, do you know how to manage women in the literal sense of the word, confidently and with pleasure for her? If you are a…


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