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Five reasons to dance!

(Many letters, but perhaps this article will help someone take the first step in the right direction)

Have you ever wondered why, in the moments when we experience sudden joy, we just want to “dance”?

Remember the phrase “Dance – a letter to you!”? Earlier to receive news from a near and dear person was a real holiday.

When we gather with friends to celebrate a joyful event, in the midst of fun, dances necessarily begin. Many simply dance when they are in a good mood. And this is no accident.Dance is a way of expressing positive emotions. We dance when we feel good. But is dance always a consequence?

In this article I will prove to you that dancing can be the cause of real human happiness.

First of all, dance is movement. Ah, movement, as you know, is life.

In our age of general overeating and constant struggle with overweight, many of us are forcing ourselves to visit fitness rooms, exhausting our body on treadmills, spending money on exercise bikes, which later become dusty idle, and their owners only continue to gain from the disorder weight.

A completely different situation with people dancing.

Dancing gives optimal physical activity, that is, they do not overload the body. In addition, dancing combines “exercises” for flexibility, aerobic exercise, as well as tone the muscle frame.

Dancing classes are held on a positive note, with joy, because when dancing, a person enjoys and he does not need to force himself to do this through force.

As a result, everything superfluous leaves the body, a person feels easily and freely. Isn’t that happiness?

Secondly, like playing sports, regular dancing leads to an excellent therapeutic effect: joints are strengthened, scleosis is corrected, blood pressure is normalized, migraines pass, and libido rises.

The most important thing is that the immune system is being strengthened – the dancer is not afraid of either flu, or tonsillitis, or any other ailment.

Due to what, you ask?

It is proved that all diseases in humans are from nerves. We are subject to stress, and this directly affects our immune system, weakening it.

The dancing man is a plant for the production of endorphins – hormones of happiness. They block all the negativity that surrounds us in everyday life, thereby protecting and restoring our immunity.

Well, a healthy person is a happy person.

Thirdly, we are social beings, we need communication.

In our modern life, living human communication is becoming less and less.

Sociophobia – the fear of communication – is the scourge of our days. Dancing solves this problem. Whether you are dancing in pairs or solo, like-minded people who are as passionate as you are inevitably gather around you. You will-not-will begin to interact with them.

I especially want to note the so-called social dances, uniting a huge number of people around the world. And absolutely any person who has never been involved in dances before can join this community.

Thus, dances contribute to the satisfaction of one of the most important human needs – the need for communication. A person deprived of communication is unhappy.

Fourth, not only new friends can be found on the dance floor, but also to meet your love.

It is even natural if you come to dance pair dances.

Couples formed on the dance floor are usually very strong. And there is an explanation for this.

The thing is that pair dance is a model of the relationship between a man and a woman, when each partner has a natural role in nature: a man is the head, he is responsible for himself and for the partner, determines the strategy and tactics of movements, a woman who knows how to listen , “Be carried on.” Only in this way is harmony achieved in dance and in life.

In addition, if the partners are dancing, enjoy each other, then in life they will be 100% compatible in physical terms. And this is the foundation of a happy family life.

And finally, fifthly, dance as self-realization and self-knowledge.

If you are truly fascinated by the wonderful world of dance, you will inevitably want to improve, developing your abilities – and there will be no restrictions, since dancing is creativity, the ability to realize yourself and your personality.

You will discover a lot of new facets and look at the world around you with different eyes.

Dancing will become your way of life, and maybe even change your life beyond recognition, as they changed mine, making it happy!

Currently, the choice of dance styles and dance schools is simply huge, and everyone can definitely find something of their own.

Seek, find, DANCE, and be happy!

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Five reasons to dance!
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