Myths about paired dances (for men). Once I believed in these myths, as many have already stepped through this "pen" guys who are afraid to even think about dancing as…

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Sports dance club Club of professional orientation. Professional ballroom dances are presented. Main activity: dance training for those who want to build a dance career, preparation for competitions, tournaments. Training…

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According to the results of research in 95% of cases, natural talent does not determine who will become an expert in something.

What follows from this? In order to learn how to dance well, you need a lot of practice. Suppose 2 people decide to dance. (Read the article “How to get the most out of dance lessons?”) One of them was good, he had innate abilities, and the second was worse, but he was very diligent and set himself the task of learning to dance well. First picked it up immediately, but went to workout regularly. He missed the training, and then came and quickly memorized the material that was shown. The second went regularly, it was given more difficult, but he worked on himself, regularly, practiced at home independently. As time passed, they learned more and more movements. The first remained at approximately the same level as it was and the dance level of the second markedly increased and, the more time passed, the level of dance was higher. Very quickly the second dancer was caught first, and then started to beat him and the farther, the stronger. Conclusion: talent is good, but in order for it to help you, you also need to work on yourself and train a lot. It is important and the number and quality of training. You must constantly challenge yourself, set goals and move towards them (Read the article “How to learn to lead a partner in the dance?”for partners and “How to learn to follow a partner in dance?”for partners).

Here are some tips:

1. Practice a lot
The more you practice, the better You will get. Practice at any free time. Find a partner (partner) who will practice with you in your free time.

2. Training is not just a repetition
Evaluate your technique critically and try to change your skills for the better.

3. Shoot yourself on video
What you feel and how it looks from the outside are different things. The video is very clearly visible errors. Analyze, correct.

4. Take time to practice alone
You need time to really analyze and realize some points.

5. Be diligent
You need to have determination and perseverance. You can’t succeed if you give up. Studies have shown that perseverance often leads to success than a high IQ. You have to work hard on yourself, it may seem cliché, but it is the key to success.

6. Find a good teacher
You need to find someone who will show You the right technique and help you fix the mistakes.

7. Focus on negative reviews
Paying attention to negative reviews is very important to correct your mistakes. Newcomers focus on positive feedback because when they hear what they are good at, it helps them maintain interest in the classes. If You seek to improve your dance, You should focus on negative responses if You are interested in progress.

8. Focus on improvement
Focus on improving what turns out bad or doesn’t look good enough. This increases motivation and makes the practice more interesting. When a perfectionist is focused on internal goals, it is good and increases productivity. When You try to impress others, it’s worse.

9. Quick feedback
You need to know what you’re doing right and what you’re not doing. If you correct your mistakes in time, You can move on faster. Welcome feedback from Your teacher or analyze your video.

10. It’s worth it
It is important to keep in mind that the desire to improve technology does not live in a vacuum. Practice can be very difficult, but will bring great joy and ease in dancing later. Using Your best skills is one of the strongest ways to feel happy. This is proven by time.

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