What is salsa and what is it eaten with?
Actually, salsa is not “she” at all, it is “he”, because in Spanish it means “sauce”. But, adapting this overseas word to the Russian language, it still comes out "she"…

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Myths about paired dances (for men). Once I believed in these myths, as many have already stepped through this "pen" guys who are afraid to even think about dancing as…

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8 reasons to learn salsa
1) New acquaintances, passion, incendiary partners and partners. Lonely people have a chance to get a relationship, couples will be able to strengthen relationships and add passion to them. Here,…

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dance beautifully

10 mistakes novice dancers

You can join the dance so that it will be at least a pleasant hobby and always affordable way of spending time, as a maximum of a lifetime.

And you can start dancing so that the hunt for this occupation will beat for a long time.

Yes, even to such a seemingly unpretentious occupation as dancing, it is better to approach reasonably and try to avoid common mistakes of many beginners.

Error 1. “I have on the first lesson should all work out. If it didn’t work, I’m a sucker.”

Recruits, who have everything goes smoothly from the first lesson, can be counted on the fingers. One hand. With such arguments, you can generally not take up any business – then everything will turn out. In dreams. Continue reading


1. Dancing is difficult. No dancer has ever been successful based only on their innate talents. Dancers are artists and athletes. The world of dance today is akin to extreme sports. Innate ability and talent will only help us until a certain time. Dancers must work hard and persistently. Dancers give years of their lives plus sweat, tears and sometimes blood to get the honor and pleasure of performing on stage.

2. You won’t always get what you want. We don’t always get the role we want, get the job we want, hear the compliments we want, earn the money we want, etc., etc. This teaches us humility and respect for the process, the art form and the masters we have chosen to teach us. Continue reading


Sports dance club
Club of professional orientation. Professional ballroom dances are presented.

Main activity: dance training for those who want to build a dance career, preparation for competitions, tournaments. Training of professional athletes in the field of dance.

Teachers: famous teachers and choreographers, stars of dance sports.

Clients: professionals who Polish their skills, children and teenagers who have decided to connect their lives with dancing. Usually these are groups divided by age. Continue reading

Salsa dancing guy - who is he? (part 3)
By depriving him of the opportunity to dance, you are depriving a guy dancing salsa of his passion. You make him an ordinary average person - a person without dreams…


There's something magical about moving under a full moon, under a million stars shining in a dark sky. I'm making my way through the urban jungle to the site of…


Dancing can be the most enjoyable form of exercise. Many people do not realize how dancing affects health. Dancing is a good training for mind and body (Read the article…


Who needs Dating sites when there's dancing?
Dating sites have long ceased to be something unusual, strange or rare. There is hardly a person who at least at a short stage of life even if within a…